Original Art on a Budget?

Ok, how many of you would love to buy more art?

I’m right there with you. I love filling my home with prints and paintings from other artists. Funny enough, I don’t like putting my own artwork in our home (except that one painting that Philip really likes). But unfortunately, it isn’t always cheap. As someone who makes art I can tell you that more than likely, it’s a fair price. The majority of artists aren’t ripping you off. In order to get a profit off of time spent making the art, cost of materials, shipping, etc., we have to charge a certain amount. You can’t buy an original piece of art for the price of a Starbucks latte.

So what does that mean? Do I have to wait till I’m 45, a president of a company, and traveling to Europe twice a year in order to afford original art?

NO. I am a firm believer that art should be available to everyone. Most artists feel that way too. We want you to have our art. It can’t be enjoyed if its sitting in our studio only seen by us and our pets. So the question becomes, how can you afford original art while also giving the artist a profit?

Here’s my solution - a payment plan. Okay, that sounds daunting but let’s face it, the average 25 year old is already in some sort of payment plan: college debt, Amazon, Netflix, etc. So why not enter a payment plan for an art piece you can own for the rest of your life?

I haven’t worked out every part of this, but I think this can make art more available to everyone. Now some would prefer to save and make one big purchase at once, which is great! But few have that luxury. I think a payment plan presents an option for more odd and totally original artwork to makes its way into more homes.