Signed, Anonymous - Artist Statement

Social media is a double-edged sword.  It has created many wonderful opportunities but has also given people a new platform to hide behind and become something they are not.  Some use it to harm other people while others simply portray a perfect life, hiding whatever does not conform to this online identity.  The anonymous nature of social media allows us to create an image of ourselves with liberty to say and do what we want.  As someone who is active on social media, I associate words and ideas to a certain person.  Their words, their feelings grow around their identity until I don’t see them; I see their actions.  In this body of work, I explore how an identity is created by our actions. 

Every portrait is painted with the idea of remaining anonymous, similar to many social media profiles.  The solid white outfits and the obscured faces do not allow us to know who it is.  Each is titled with a name, but it is not the sitter’s name. 

The flowers represent the sitter’s actions.  Throughout art history, flowers have been used as symbols for emotions, vices, virtues or the fleeting nature of life.  Mankind continues to be fascinated with the objective beauty that comes from flowers and floral arrangements.  My personal obsession with flowers comes from their dual nature – they are fragile but also provide so much joy to the caretaker and viewer.  For this body of work, the flowers only symbolize positive thoughts: joy, hope, love, peace restoration, etc.  There is enough negativity in the world.